A6 Price List


A6 – 105mm x 148 mm


Flyers are usually used to promote a special offer, competition or event. They are designed to create an instant response. Flyer printing has an important role to play in every business as good flyers boost turnover and convey energy and excitement. Without them, how will your clients know they’re missing out on a great offer?

To be effective, print flyers need to have high visual impact

They should have:

  • Wording that is short, sharp and concise
  • A clear call of action that is obvious at first glance.

DL, A4, A5 and A6 are some of the common flyer sizes we print every day, and we can also produce custom-printed flyers.


Our brochures come in a few different shapes and sizes. How you present your company brochure is motivated by the message and how much you want to tell your clients about your business.

Half Price Printers types of business brochures are:

  • DL SLIPS: there are a number of combinations for a DL brochure, including single pages printed on one or both sides, Z Fold, or Roll Fold
  • A5: half the size of an A4 – a great way to make a mini-book.
  • A4: the perfect size if you have more information to communicate.

If you need Half Price Printers help designing your Product, our graphic design team can transform ordinary to extraordinary by adding touches of colour, illustrations or pictures to your printed product at the lowest price guaranteed by our Graphic Designers.



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